Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis

Car Lockout Services Are Available On The Weekend

We are focused on adding more convenience to our services. A year ago, we started to offer different services on the weekend. Today, almost half of all the services are being offered at the weekend. The latest addition to weekend list is the car lockout services. That’s right, you don’t need to put your car lock or key issue on hold for the weekend. Just give us a call and we will show up in half hour. Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis intends to be there when you are in trouble situations.

Opting For Mobile Home Locks Is A Smart Move

Does your house security need a new life? If that’s the case then you must start off with changing the old door locks. Purchasing mobile home locks could be a wise decision. We know that mobile locks are a bit expensive. However when you purchase a mobile lock, you make a lifetime investment. These locks could be simply uninstalled from one door and installed on another. Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Indianapolis is offering several brands of mobile home locks. Our staff will explain you everything about the locks such as features, benefits, usage, etc.

Padlocks Will Always Stay Important When It Comes To Security Matters

People say simple things last longer. The saying is correct and it applies within the locksmith industry as well. Padlocks were introduced decades ago. For several years, people did not have any other substitute of a padlock when it came to protecting valuable property. Today, we have hundreds of substitutes for padlocks. However, people still opt for keeping a padlock at home as a backup option. Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis is offering a promotional discount on 10 brands of padlocks. Don’t waste the opportunity and grab a padlock for half the price.

Peephole Installation Is More Important Than Any Other Security Device

People don’t realize the value and importance of installing a peephole on the front door. Placing a camera outside the front door isn’t enough. If someone is trying to commit theft at your property, he/she will first of all cut the camera wire and then break-in. On the other hand, a peephole cannot be destroyed without breaking the door. Peephole installation service is being provided by Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis for minimal charges. Peephole could make your wife’s life easier when you’re at work while she has to answer the doorbell whole day. More details can be obtained from 317-661-4866.