Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Kokomo Indiana

Are high security locks worth the expense?

Whether high security locks are worth your money depends on what you are protecting. If you are protecting your business machinery or your priced electronic appliances at home, then they will be worth your every dollar. That will not be the case however, when you have a garden shed that holds a few tools and old tires. These types of locks are made from hardened steel, boron steel, or such high quality materials that are not affected by strong physical attacks such as drilling and hammer attacks. At Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Kokomo Indiana we will advise on these locks as well as install them professionally.

The need to have a professional replacing your ignition switch keys

Whoever said that cheap is expensive probably had a shoddy car job done by an inexperienced technician. Ignition switch keys are particularly sensitive and a faulty replacement will have you towing your car to the mechanic soon enough. While it may take a long time to have the need to replace your car keys, you should only engage professionals in the lock and key business to do your replacement and this is a job we do all too well at Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Kokomo Indiana. With years of experience in the lock and key business, you will love our professionalism and workmanship.

Key duplication as a fine alternative to lock picking

Most lock picks end poorly. This is because locks are intended not to be picked anyway. When you have lost your keys and you must get into the house no matter what. You will need to look for an alternative other than messing up your fine lock with the wrong tools. What you need to do is contact Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Kokomo Indiana, the masters in the locks and keys business, to help you out. Key duplication is what we are likely to recommend as an alternative to picking your lock, and it is a job our staff are well trained and experienced in.

Why it is essential to keep the contact information of a lockout service provider among your important contacts?

Hopelessness is what you will experience if you are outside your car or home and you cannot get in having lost, misplaced or locked your keys in. Having the contacts of a reputable lockout service provider is what will get you out of your situation. Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Kokomo Indiana is such a provider of these services. You will be doing yourself and your family a lot of good by keeping our contact, 317-661-4866, amongst your essential numbers. This will ensure that you will find yourself inside your house or car in no time. Our round the clock service will have sorted your problem promptly.