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Master key system installed by Columbus Indiana locksmith

Now a master key system can be installed at your building with Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana. It would become a lot easier for a janitor to take care of the building if there is a master key system in place. The system can also be installed in your homes and you can have it made with a proper plan. For example, one key can be used for all the bedrooms in the home and another can be used for the entry and exit doors. In this way, there will only be two keys to remember and take care of. Master key systems can also be problematic if lost because you will be locked out of all rooms.


Get safety peephole installation in no time with Locksmith Columbus Indiana

A peephole installation is an important addition to the doors of your home. It is good because you can look through it before you decide to open the door for anyone. For people, who live all alone, peepholes are certainly very good because there is no point in opening the door and then asking because an intruder could take you down. Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana understands your security needs very well that it supplies and installs everything from peepholes to sophisticated digital door locks and access control systems to turn your home completely into a secured place for you.

Your safes unlocked easily by locksmith Columbus Indiana

Get your safes unlocked easily with the help of Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana that has the best locksmithing facilities in town. We provide you with all kind of locks and their unlocking service should a need come. If you have lost the keys or you have had a technical glitch in the digital locks; we can fix it for you. In case of the absence of the owner we can open safes and vaults for custody verification and matters of inheritance. Of course we would ask for identification as our company does not abet in case of illegal activities.

Installation of window gates for added safety by Locksmith in Columbus Indiana

You can further improve the safety of your homes by securing the windows through window gates and window bars. Get your window gates installed for added safety in your homes by Dorin and Sons Locksmith in Columbus Indiana. We are a company that works to serve you according to your needs. We would provide you window gates that you require. Our aim is to assist you in your security needs and concerns. Should you need a lock and key system or a digital access system for your home, we can supply and install it for you. We also repair and maintain systems for you.