Locksmith mechanisms, parts and pieces

Locking Mechanisms That Don’t Jiggle

Do you have an old lock that does not lock or unlock well? This can happen to many people, and the results can be stressful. What do you do if the lock you have does not open the first time around? Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis IN can provide you with new lock, cylinder; or even replace the entire locking mechanisms itself. What does this mean for you? It means that you have options! We can assist you with getting unstock, provide you with parts and pieces; we can offer you the choice of re-keying your lock.

Get Unstuck Fast!

The worst thing about having a lock that does not work properly is the waiting to see; if it will work. We can offer you quality locks that are new and that will provide you with the security that you need for your home and for your family. Maybe it’s time to rekey your old lock. Well, we have a few name brands that will provide you with a better lock cylinder and restore the security to your peaceful home.

Parts and Pieces

Sometimes you don’t need to replace the whole lock. Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis IN have quality parts and pieces that will suit your type of lock at an affordable price. Just because something is old, it does not mean that it has to go! We will show you how to save some money when it comes to lock changes and rekeying, and we will help you gain peace of mind.

What exactly is Re-keying?

Well, with re-keying we replace the pins and tumblers within your lock. These new parts will of course match your old pieces, which in turn will allow you to keep your old lock. Re-keying a lock is fast and easy, and Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis IN will get the job done efficiently. Don’t worry! all your lock and key needs will be met by your professionals in a timely manner.

Whether you want a new lock or to re-key your favorite lock, we can assist you, and provide you with great prices.

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