Dorin and Sons Locksmith – Columbus Indiana

When you need a locksmith to have your safes and vaults opened

When you have valuables that you do not want to lose or put them at a risk of theft, natural calamities, damage and fire, you will store them in safes and or vaults. Some locks, especially after being left unopened for a long time will jam. This unfortunate experience could come when you need something from your safes and vaults easily and quickly. At Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana, we will have your safes and vaults opened in no time. With a reputation built around sound integrity, efficiency, good lightblueand our superb workmanship. You will be wise to call us for safes/vaults opening and repair.

Transponder keys: a fast and easy way to protect and access your car

With burglars and car thieves having mastered the art of picking locks, it is only wise to enhance your security with a keyless system. Transponder keys are what you need to keep the car safe as well as giving you the convenience of not having to carry heavy and noisy car keys wherever you go. You can also activate a sound to let you know that your car is fully locked or opened. For all your car locks solutions, we at Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana are up to the task. Call us for the best services as we have the experience and expertise to provide such services.

Have window gates fitted to enhance your security

When crooks cannot access your house or office through the door, they will reach for the windows. Sometimes, the locks will stop them, but not the glass. A good blow with a blunt object or cutting tools will give them a way in after breaking or cutting the glass out of the frames. This is where window gates come in handy. Not only will they discourage a would be break-in, they will also stop those who choose to try them. Call on us at Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana for the best gates. We have very strong and attractive designs and types to choose from.

Why it is good to have service providers who work weekends

While the convenience of having your service providers who work weekends is well known, it is also practical for people who are too busy on weekdays to have some jobs done in their homes. This is so especially when as the home owner, you will want to be there when certain jobs are done in your house. At Dorin and Sons Locksmith Columbus Indiana, we are on call on any day of the week to provide solutions to all your locks and keys problems. Calling us on 317-661-4866 at any time, weekdays or weekends, day or night, is your key to the provision of our services.