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24/7 Emergency Service that You Can Trust

It can be hard to find someone to get you out of a rough or bad situation that is available all of the time, can’t it? That’s why we at Reliable Locksmiths in Indianapolis IN have made sure that we have 24/7 emergency service available for those who are in need of help and assistance. No matter what your locksmith, security, or key needs may be, we’ve got what you need and can help you access whatever you’re trying to get into.

Best Locksmith in Indianapolis IN

Safes and Vaults Opened in No Time

There are a number of people that, every year, end up getting access to a safe left behind by a loved one, but don’t have a way to actually get inside of the item. They either don’t have the combination, or their loved one didn’t know where the key went. With Best Locksmith in Indianapolis IN’s help, that’s not a problem for you anymore.

24/7 Service and Master Keys

We can now install master key systems in a matter of minutes!

Master key systems are important if you want to simplify security features at your place. When you install master key systems at your place, there is no need to hold on to your multiple keys to access different areas of your place. Dorin and Sons Locksmith can provide you with these installation services in a matter of minutes and within your budget. Our master systems are reliable and will assure you of providing simplified security services at all times.

Ignition Switch Keys and Key Copying

Dorin and Sons Locksmith is a leading ignition switch keys provider

When it comes to ignition switch keys there is only one service provider that can meet your needs – Dorin and Sons Locks. Our keys are highly efficient in their working because they are made using right technologies. With our keys you can be sure of normal function of your vehicle in all conditions. Our company has been providing these keys since a long time for different models of cars. We recommend you share your vehicle’s details with us before placing an order for these keys.

Commercial Master Key Systems

Master Key System For Commercial Sites

It is a misconception that master key system can only be installed at a residential site. A master key system is installable at every simple door lock. It cannot be installed at specially designed locks such as dead-bolts. It takes about 20 minutes per lock to install the system. Let us know if you want to install a master key system at your commercial site.

Locksmith mechanisms, parts and pieces

Locking Mechanisms That Don’t Jiggle

Do you have an old lock that does not lock or unlock well? This can happen to many people, and the results can be stressful. What do you do if the lock you have does not open the first time around? Dorin and Sons Locksmith Indianapolis IN can provide you with new lock, cylinder, or even replace the entire locking system itself. What does this mean for you? It means that you have options!

Indianapolis Locks

We work for you ; our Indianapolis Locks work tirelessly, on shifts that last the full twenty-four hours in a day to provide the people of Indianapolis with whatever locksmithing services the people of Indianapolis might need from a locksmith service. And that could range from unlocking of car trunks to apartment locks services and residential locks services.

Some Customer Stories

My first car was a 2007 Honda Accord. The dealership screwed up the programming on my keys. The keys stopped working after a few days. I had places to go and people to see. It was fast times and this car thing was holding me up.  I needed to get going. In more ways than one.

I found myself putting trust back in the people who let me down, the dealership, or finding someone new to trust, an auto-locksmith. I called the auto-locksmith and it was great. He totally patched up my key work on my car keys.

It was a nice and simple.

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